Dear readers,

The social media pages of the duisport Group are intended to provide up-to-date information about the group and give insight into different areas of the company.

On our pages, users have the opportunity to get in touch with our company and also with each other. This is done with respect to social media netiquette. In this regard, creating a constructive atmosphere in which exchange with all interested parties takes top priority is particularly important to us.

We are open to new and different opinions, and appreciate helpful contributions. We assume this exchange to be factual, friendly, and above all respectful. We do not wish to read any statements or discussions here that violate the law or are grossly offensive.

This includes, in particular, statements that aim to defame other users, our company or other companies, or other third parties. The same applies to postings on topics that are not related to our services and content.

In the case of comments whose content is far removed from the subject of discussion or which are even vulgar, abusive, hateful, or offensive, the editorial team reserves the right to delete these posts without prior warning. If we find out about user postings that do not comply with this netiquette, in particular because they harass or offend the duisport Group on the social media pages or its members, we will also remove these postings.

The following content in comments may result in the deletion of the comments or to a report to the platform operator:

  • Comments far removed from any reference to the content of the topic
  • Comments that contain political appeals
  • Comments with racist or sexist content
  • Pornography
  • Calls for violence
  • Machine-generated comments
  • Misuse of the comment function as advertising space
  • Personal insults
  • Copyright violations

We would like to point out that the user comments, opinions, photos, and video material posted on our pages are personal statements of the users and do not reflect the opinion of the duisport Group. Each user is responsible for the posts he or she publishes. We do not accept any liability or responsibility for posted comments or links.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to a lively exchange with you.

Your duisport Social Media Team



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