Unrestricted flow of materials and information

A construction site is always bustling with activity. To ensure that the right material is available at the right time and in the right place, we take charge of your construction site logistics.

Our online tool makes it all possible: Tailored to your needs, it offers transparency across all process steps, from order placement with the supplier to assembly on the construction site.

Our online tool helps you to control goods receipts on the package and batch part level and aids in the stocking and the management of the warehouses on site or at the integrated storage locations. We are happy to assist you and take over this process for you. And if something should be missing, damaged, or delayed, we will provide a quick remedy with our standardized claims management.

Our services at a glance

  • Online tool for tracking and tracing materials procurement
  • Control and monitoring of materials on construction sites
  • Storage directly at the construction site; integration of external storage locations

Your advantages

  • Construction work is accelerated by eliminating time-consuming searches for materials.
  • Every step in the process, from order placement to assembly, can be transparently tracked using the online tool.
  • We make administration easier thanks to seamless documentation and our claims management.