Do you have something to declare?

Import and customs clearance is a necessary formality, but it can also cost time and money. We have optimized process to take this off your hands completely – and we are certified as an Authorized Economic Operator at the highest level (AEO-F) with our own internationally experienced customs agents.

Our services include the complete operational handling of import, export, and transit customs clearance. For goods that are not immediately cleared through customs, we also have bonded warehouse space available.

You have questions about customs clearance? We are happy to advise you on individual imports and exports or inward and outward processing. And we will develop strategies for you on how we can work together to accelerate and simplify recurrent customs procedures.

Our services at a glance

  • Complete handling of import, export, and transit customs clearance
  • Bonded warehouse space for goods not intended for immediate customs clearance
  • Consulting and strategy development in customs clearance

Your advantages

  • As an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-F) certified by German customs, we offer a simplified, expedited customs process.
  • We are familiar with international customs regulations and the necessary trade documentation.
  • Your supply chains will not be held up by customs clearance.