Because: Not everything can be standardized.

Whether a small series of customized wood crates, a single, individually manufactured crate, or heavy goods packing for 100 tons and more – with us, packing materials originate from our own production facilities.

The type, thickness, and quality of wood can be tailored to the specific application. Innovative constructions combined with metal or plastics are also a standard practice at dpl. All according to the requirements of the goods you need to transport.

Whether for sea, land, or air transport – the result is always cost-optimized, sustainable packing in which your goods arrive at their destination safe and with their value preserved.

Our services at a glance

  • Customized production of closed crates, open crates, pallets, and other wood packing materials
  • Choice of packing depending on the goods to be shipped and the mode of transport
  • Packing designed in close consultation with you and according to your specifications

Your advantages

  • Optimal packing solutions when standardized packing materials don’t do the job
  • As a material, wood allows for a wide range of variants, designs and dimensions
  • Problem-free integration into logistics processes, despite custom packing