Optimal service for your customers

Machines require new parts at regular intervals, spare parts have to be delivered in case of defects, and components need to be repaired. We carry out these and other similar processes for you.

These include all the tasks involved in this field – from incoming goods inspection, picking, storage, and assembly work to packing and shipping – including inventory management. We are also happy to handle returns, repairs, and disposal for you.

The result: cost-efficient processes, reduced downtimes for customers, and optimal service on your behalf.

Our services at a glance

  • We take on all logistics processes related to spare parts from your company
  • Upon request, provision of space for stocking your spare parts
  • Documentation of processes for determining spare parts requirements

Your advantages

  • Your customers receive their necessary spare parts in no time.
  • You can concentrate on manufacturing your products.
  • We offer smooth customer service on your behalf.