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Jan-Malte Wöhrle

Jan-Malte Wöhrle Linkedin

Managing Director South, East, West Germany, Belgium and India  

+49 203 803-3223


Daniel Conrad

Daniel Conrad Linkedin

Managing Director Northern Germany and China and Sales Director Western Germany  

+49 203 803-2236


Andrea Bolick

Andrea Bolick

Managing Director East Germany  

+49 371 52087-1734


Michael Einzinger

Michael Einzinger Linkedin

Managing Director South Germany  

+49 941 30769-0


Gökan Mut

Gökan Mut Linkedin

Managing Director Holz Weinzierl Fertigungen GmbH & Co. KG  

+49 941 30769-0


Martin Müller

Martin Müller

Authorized signatory East Germany  

+49 371 52087-1739



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