Perfectly tailored

What kind of goods are they? How should they be transported and stored? Is a steel structure required? Can reusable or returnable packaging be used? We develop customized packing solutions based on these criteria. From measurement to sample construction to production: We produce the optimal packing solution for every type of shipping goods and every shipping method.

Because: Your goods should not adapt to the packing. We adapt the packing to your goods! Highly individual – and always in the interest of safeguarding and preserving the value of your goods.

Our services at a glance

  • Development and production of customized packing solutions
  • Packing consulting already early on in the planning and construction phases of your products

Your advantages

  • Our customized packing solutions are precisely adapted to the requirements of your goods – not vice versa.
  • We offer packing development and production – as well as all other logistic services in a single step.