Batch parts system

The batch parts system: Full control of transport orders at all times

Gone are the days when you hand your goods over to the freight forwarder and then wait until your colleagues at the destination notify you that the shipment has arrived.

With our batch parts system, you – and everyone else involved in the supply chain – have a complete overview of the project status at all times. All you need is an Internet connection. Then you can call up all shipment information whenever you want, anywhere in the world.

Each individual item is given a unique identifier and a barcode. Identification therefore requires just a single scan. And the system is a reliable safeguard against problems such as transmission errors. Moreover, the complete documentation of the shipment can be found in one place: in the dpl batch parts system.

Construction site tool

Full control up to assembly

Once a delivery has arrived at its destination, the construction site tool ensures error-free goods receipt and rapid further processing. Because just one scan gives you a full, part-by-part overview of the delivery.

Even before arrival, the system can also be used to store information on what should happen after the incoming inspection: Should the goods first be put into temporary storage? And if so, in which warehouse? Or will the piece goods be needed immediately for production?

Right up until the time of assembly, you can use the construction site tool to call up the batch part, including its properties and location, at any time. Time-wasting searches and allocation are now nuisances of the past.

By the way: The batch parts system and construction site tool work together seamlessly.

dpl IT-Leistungen

Packing Apps

Data transparency at the push of a button

dis photogram

Photo documentation via smartphone

Scanner app for photo documentation of duisport industrial solutions (dis) processing.

This app can be used to create photos of the dpl loose part process (goods receipt, packaging, container stowage, loading, shipping, performance document). Photos of the customer barcode are also possible.


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dis Scanner

Process handling via smartphone

Scanner app for duisport industrial solutions (dis) process handling.

This app can be used to scan and carry out goods receipt, packing, container stowage and loading of the dpl loose part system.


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Our services at a glance

  • IT tools that enable full transparency over all steps
  • Uniform labeling of all parts from order placement to assembly
  • All information available online at any time and from anywhere in the world

Your advantages

  • 100% transparency and overview of all steps and all suppliers involved
  • No transmission errors resulting from manual entries
  • Standardized documentation
  • Reduced workload for project management